New Italians

The Re-Making of the Nation in the Age of Migration


In the present ‘age of migration’, how is the nation re-imagined given the increasing ethno-cultural, religious, and racial diversity of its populace?

Due to international migration, national societies in Europe are deemed to become increasingly more diverse in ethno-cultural, religious, and racial terms. By focusing on the so-called ‘New Italians’ – people with a foreign background who identify themselves as ‘Italians’, whether they have Italian citizenship or not – the present research aims to understand how this demographic change impacts on the re-production of the idea of the nation.

The research aim is articulated around three main objectives:

1) How do governmental and political actors respond to the growing heterogeneity of their national societies?


2) What kind of nation do migrants and their children envision?


3) How does the majority society respond to the demographic change?


An additional section, “Abbiamo fatto l’Italia…”, explores views of young peoples, with and without foreign background, through videos and visual presentations.